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Dataccio.com is the go-to platform for the must-know tech trends in the maritime space. It is a digital yardstick by which to measure the status of the digital transformation the sector is undergoing.

Our website showcases perspectives from various key players across the maritime ecosystem to bring forth an exhaustive discussion on the paradigm shift we are witnessing the sector embark on.

Tech trends, latest developments, success stories, up and coming tech start-ups, thoughts from key industry players, views from industry stalwarts on the implementation of technology, are just some of the regular features you will see on our website. We will also bring you a calendar featuring the most important ‘live events’ and a unique resource library for all your tech requirements.

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Our passion to breakaway from silos and encourage a collaborative mindset is reflected in our content, wherein we feature articles from ship owners, classification societies, master mariners, technology enthusiasts, supply chain leaders, sat coms providers, tech start ups, op eds, among others.

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