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Leanships - Low Energy and Near to Zero Emissions Ships


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Courtesy: Wartsila / Maritime Research Institute Netherlands - MARIN

Expanding the application of ESDs to ships with CPP

LeanShips is a Horizon 2020 European Innovation project that aims to demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of energy saving and emission reduction technologies at full scale. The project supports developments that make new and existing vessels more efficient and less polluting.

Target markets:

Are the small to midsized ships for intra-European waterborne transport, vessels for offshore operations and the leisure and cruise market.

Seven demonstrators will be carried out:

Combining technologies for improved efficiency and pollution reduction, in line with end-users’ needs and requirements.

Main objectives:

CO2 reduction of at least 25%, estimated fuel saving of up to 25%, expected decrease of SOx/NOx/PM air pollutants by up to 100%.